Urban Planning and
Urban Intervention

urban development projects for growth areas

Over the last 20 years LBA Urbanismo has gained vast experience in the development of large urban expansion areas for residential, tourist and productive uses, which has allowed us to refine and perfect our methodologies. These centre around sustainability and optimising resources and are tailored to the socio-economic and environmental characteristics of the place in question. 
The purpose of our urban development work is to create public spaces, and we pay particular attention to the design aspect.
The 139-hectare Pago de Enmedio project in La Rinconada, the 35-hectare Palmete project in Seville are just two of the numerous residential interventions that we have undertaken, while the 50-hectare Geolit project in Jaén and the 40-hectare Palmas Altas project in Seville are two examples of interventions for productive uses.
urban development projects for growth areas