Urban Planning and
Urban Intervention

territorial and metropolitan planning

territorial and metropolitan planning
We believe that zoning is a crucial aspect of integrated land organisation and the zoning plans drawn up by LBA Urbanismo therefore offer a territorial model that is compatible with the physical medium and respectful of the territorial and environmental values.
Two of the most interesting zoning plans we have produced, in terms of their physical medium and territorial complexity, are:
The Granada Urban Agglomeration, which encompasses the city of Granada and another 31 municipalities in the metropolitan ring with an overall population of 450,000, as well as two protected natural areas: the nature parks of Sierra Nevada and Sierra de Huetor.
The Bay of Cadiz-Jerez de la Frontera Zoning Plan, which encompasses six municipalities with a population of 630,000―four of them with historic heritage status—and six protected spaces, including the Bay of Cadiz Nature Park and the Intercontintental Mediterranean Biosphere Reserve.