Urban Planning and
Urban Intervention

territorial and environmental surveys

Making zoning decisions on a territorial scale requires undertaking preliminary surveys and addressing various perspectives, principally related to the organisation of metropolitan areas and the promotion of natural or environmental resources.
Every territorial and environmental survey conducted by LBA Urbanismo is underpinned by a global vision the territory in question. The underlying elements are analysed as well as the urban areas, communications system, infrastructures, spaces with natural, ecological or environmental value and the productive and tourist areas, all with a view to drawing conclusions and making recommendations that balance the values of the territory with its potential.
Many of these surveys are undertaken as the preliminary step in drawing up zoning plans and therefore allow us to assess and correct the possible environmental impacts of any proposals or interventions. This is the case of the Environmental Impact Surveys that have been conducted by LBA Urbanismo and implemented in conjunction with specific urban and territorial plans.
territorial and environmental surveys