Urban Planning and
Urban Intervention

redevelopment projects for consolidated areas

The purpose of the interventions undertaken by LBA Urbanismo in consolidated urban areas is to promote urban spaces as settings for citizen relations.
Our projects in this field focus on improving the efficiency of public spaces by creating a balanced distribution between traffic and pedestrian areas. In particular, we promote their potential as recreational and leisure areas for strolling and relaxation, all with the ultimate aim of creating friendlier and more habitable urban spaces.
Our redevelopment work comprises two types of interventions: the regeneration of historic areas, and the improvement of residential areas in which the existing urban development is outmoded or of poor quality. Examples in this field include the environmental regeneration of the Ranilla canal and vicinity, and the complete redevelopment of Avenida Luis Ortiz Muñoz in the Poligono Sur neighbourhood, both marginal areas of Seville.
redevelopment projects for consolidated areas