Urban Planning and
Urban Intervention

recovery of degraded areas

recovery of degraded areas
The physical and socio-economic renovation and regeneration of towns and cities are increasingly important tasks.
Maintaining the population and improving the living conditions for the inhabitants of degraded areas should be top priorities and they can be pursued with a wide range of concerted actions: redeveloping urban space, renovating buildings, developing public housing projects, conducting social reinsertion programmes, offering incentives for introducing activities that complement residential uses, creating public amenities, and so on.
LBA Urbanismo has launched several renovation and regeneration interventions in degraded areas through different types of instruments, from urban reform plans  and concerted regeneration programmes in marginal areas such as the Odiel Marshlands in Huelva and important historic sites like Úbeda, to urban development and building recommendations for the recovery of a historic neighbourhood in Medina Sidonia.