Urban Planning and
Urban Intervention


Our projects are managed by the founder members of the consultancy, all of whom are qualified architects with 25 years of experience in the field of urban planning and zoning.
Carlos López Canto
Architect and Urban Planner
Carlos is a lecturer at the Seville School of Architecture and an expert in urban planning. Having started out managing metropolitan and municipal planning projects,  he now designs the urban development aspects of large territories.  He has ample experience in managing urban development projects and has participated in international projects in Argentina and Mexico. His vast experience in the field also includes teaching postgraduate courses and publishing articles on urban planning in specialist journals.
Javier Grondona España
Architect and Urban Planner
An expert in urban design, Javier specialises in real estate projects, including every stage from the planning and urban development design to the execution of the project. He has ample experience in the execution of urban planning projects, urban interventions and redevelopment and landscaping projects.
Pedro Bermúdez González
Architect, Urban Planner and Expert in the Environmental Impact of Urban Planning
Pedro specialises in zoning and town planning. He has managed metropolitan and municipal planning projects  and has ample experience in the urban development of residential, productive and tourist areas.