Urban Planning and
Urban Intervention

interventions in sustainable urban mobility

Creating sustainable urban models is a constant theme in every project undertaken by LBA Urbanismo, regardless of the scale.
Our territorial surveys and plans recommend strategies for improving the public transport network and optimising the efficiency of the road network, while our municipal zoning plans propose urban mobility solutions that prioritise public transport, pedestrian areas and bike lanes.
Two of the urban zoning projects undertaken by LBA Urbanismo feature clean public transport systems with special bus lanes: the Pago de Enmedio intervention for 4,730 homes, and the Zacatin intervention which will include 4,500 homes.
The project to improve access to the historic centre of Arcos de la Frontera (Cadiz) focuses primarily on reducing private traffic and includes sustainable mobility interventions such as special lanes for public transport, park-and-ride facilities, landscaped footpaths and escalators.
interventions in sustainable urban mobility