Urban Planning and
Urban Intervention

development of tourist areas

The potential of specific territories for quality tourist operations has allowed LBA Urbanismo to participate in planning processes and in the physical execution of projects aimed at activating economically depressed regions.
The interventions contemplate a broad range of public services, including parks, sports facilities, golf courses, marinas, shopping areas and recreational spaces. They also prioritise environmental quality, integration with the landscape and the meticulous maintenance of public spaces.
Two of the most interesting tourist interventions undertaken by LBA Urbanismo are:
  • The 400-hectare Costa Ballena Development on the Cádiz coast, comprising 3,500 hotel beds, two golf courses and 7,000 residential units in a high-quality development characterised by abundant public spaces and the regeneration of the sea front.
  • The 172-hectare El Rompido tourist development on the Huelva coast, which contemplates 2,800 hotel beds, a golf course and a maximum of 900 tourist homes, all integrated within an 82-hectare nature area with Site of Community Interest status.
development of tourist areas