Urban Planning and
Urban Intervention

development of residential areas

Public initiative operations are one of the most important aspects of the residential interventions undertaken by LBA Ubanismo. In most cases, these projects involve the large-scale construction of subsidised housing and the creation of urban expansion plans to generate new neighbourhoods with a generous array of public amenities and free spaces.
These actions are driven by the regional government in collaboration with the municipal authorities. The number of homes fluctuates between 1,500 and 6,000 in developments such as Palmete (1,850 homes), Polígono Aeropuerto AE 1 (4,000 homes) and Cortijo del Cuarto (5,550 homes) in Seville province, Marismas del Odiel in Huelva province (1,790 homes) and Pago de Enmedio in La Rinconada (4,730 homes).
In addition to these large-scale interventions, we have also developed and executed a series of plans and projects for the private sector, mainly focusing on urban reform processes. Examples of our work in this area are the San Bernardo SB 3 and Su Eminencia special inner reform plans (550 and 430 homes, respectively), both in Seville.
development of residential areas