Urban Planning and
Urban Intervention

architecture and building

Thanks to its capacity to carry out interventions that cover the complete cycle, from urban design to urban development and the creation of free spaces, LBA Urbanismo occasionally designs and builds representative facilities as part of these projects.
Examples where this has been the case include the following:
  • The El Rompido tourist intervention, which comprised the construction of the marina and sports facilities, the club house, and 345 homes and apartments. 
  • Four buildings for cultural and recreational uses in the urban parks developed as part of the Palma del Río zoning plan, financed with ERDF funds.
  • The 74,000 square-metre “Sevilla Este” Shopping Centre, developed as part of the SUNP AE 1 partial zoning plan and the detailed survey of the commercial use land, both drawn up by LBA Urbanismo.
architecture and building